Monday, March 16, 2015

How Many Homes are On the Market in Bellingham MA March 2015?

How Many Homes are On the Market in Bellingham MA March 2015?
What is on the real estate marketBellingham MA  March 2015

As of March 16th 2015, there are 48 Single Family Homes listed for sale in the MLSPin system.    These homes range from a low of $174,900 to a high of $749,900.    The majority of listings are priced between the range of $200,000 and $300,000.

So what does the $200,000 to $300,000 range get you in the town of Bellingham MA?  

You can expect an average of 1600 square feet, Ranches, Capes and Colonials.   Surprisingly, you can also expect to find some new construction for under $300,000!      

The higher end of the single family market finds luxury homes in excess of more than 3000 square feet of living space.    Many of these homes are new construction, but there is ample amount of re sale homes to choose from as well.    

Al and Cal Realty Group home for sale
16 Old Elm Street    $459,900

Al and Cal Realty Group home for sale
338 Maple Street     $399,900

Bellingham MA is located approximately 30 miles southwest of Boston, 23 miles southeast of Worcester and 20 miles north of Providence RI.    Easy access to major commuter routes as well as the Boston Commuter rail makes this community a perfect location for those working in and around those major hubs.   

Pending Sales are UP!   

If you have been contemplating putting your Bellingham MA home on the market, now is the perfect time to start the process.  

Begin by calling  Al Mussi,  Al and Cal Group,             Remax Executive Realty.   508-494-9061   

        for a complimentary, comprehensive, hassle free                  market analysis of your home! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Saying Good Bye To Old Man Winter

Saying Good Bye To Old Man Winter

Al and Cal Realty Group Spring 2015
The Mussi Boys Hurrying Spring Along

I don't know about you, but it's been the winter from hell for me!    On a personal note, it started out with news from the Doc that surgery was in order.    That went fine due to the very capable professionals at Tufts Medical Center in Boston and the great and friendly folks at Active Physical Therapy in Bellingham MA.  

On a professional note, it started with my client taking a trip to the ER after a long tumble down an entire flight of stairs while viewing a home.    Wet shoes, (thank you Mr. Snowman),  I am sure were the culprit.    It went downhill (and I don't mean skiing) from there, trudging through banks of snow showing "out of town-ers" listings, viewing homes with no heat and, believe it or not, actually finding a skating rink on the INSIDE of a what was I am sure a wonderful home.

While the weathermen were dancing and commanding the airways, the shut down of the T and the loss of business that local shops and restaurants have endured has been just too much this year.    

I'm ready for spring.     Don't get me wrong.   I love my new System 2000 (provided and installed by Palmieri Mechanical Services).   I appreciate the creature comforts that this warm system and my heated car seats bring.
But, I am ready for the humming of central air, the frizzing of my own hair, and the buzzing of small planes overhead.  And, yes believe to or not, I welcome the Boys of Summer.   I don't think I will complain this year when hearing the incredibly boring announcers or the distinct crack of a bat at each and every game that I am forced to listen to.  (Oh yea, Al is a fan.)  

To me, March says not just St Patty's day but, "GOOD BYE OLD MAN WINTER".    

Let the melting begin but let it go slow.      I am wondering if the waters at my favorite kayaking spot will reach the all time (in my kayaking lifetime) high of April 2010, when we could not pass under the bridge on 109 at the Millis/Medfield line.  I can't wait to get on that river.   As excited as I am for the snow melt and the high waters in the Charles River, please Mother Nature, give these Massachusetts homeowners a break by letting it happen slowly as not to terrorize their poor homes any longer.   

Good bye old man winter.  
I can't wait to be showing the exterior of a home, worried about mud vs. snow!  
 (please, don't remind me that I said this in April)

When Should I Put My Milford MA Home On The Market?

When Should I Put My Milford MA Home On The Market?

Milford MA Real Estate Inventory Report March 2015
Are you wondering what is the best time to put your home on the market?   If you live in Milford MA, despite the mounds of snow and the cold temps, the spring market is upon us! 

The high number of pending sales tells us that buyers are active and taking advantage of the low interest rates.  With not a lot of homes to choose from, it is looking like a Seller's market.  

Current Inventory ranges from a low of  $86,500 to a high of $415,000.    The average days on market equal 98 and the average price per square foot is $174.

Pending and contingent home sales range from a list price of $109,900 to $599,900.   The average number of days to contract is 75 and the average price per square foot is $158.

There were 8 closed sales in the month of February.   

Predictions are that the next few months are going to be very active.   That makes the timing perfect if you are thinking of selling your Milford MA home. 

Want to know the value of your home?   Al and Cal Realty Group are offering a Free, No Obligation Market Analysis.    A simple call will start the easy, hassle free process. 

  Al Mussi  508-494-9061

Al Mussi & Carol-Ann Palmieri
                                 Al and Cal Realty Group                                          have been marketing and selling homes in the Milford area for 26 years.    They are affiliated with Remax Executive Realty, the number one firm in the town for home sales.

Put their experience and the power of Remax to work for you! 


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Do I Price My Milford MA Home To Sell?

 How Do I Price My Milford MA Home To Sell?

Start by calling Al and Cal Realty Group for a Free, No Obligation Market Analysis of your home.  

  • The process will begin with a visit from a member of The Al and Cal Realty Group.  They will do a simple visual inspection of  your home.  (No need to worry about cleaning your closets for them!)     They do this to note it's size, condition, and determine it's amenities including the location.  
  • Once they have this first hand information, they will take a  comprehensive look at the market, paying particular attention to what homes have recently sold, what homes are pending, and how the current market looks in relationship to your property.   
  • The team will use their years of experience to make comparisons.   With these comparisons, they will be able to establish an accurate range of value.    
  • They will furnish you with a written report so that you will be able to see what data  they used to arrive at their findings. 
  • Unlike an on line analysis, the team uses real time info, and their knowledge of the market vs strictly information found on public websites.   Their approach is far more reliable in determining value.   

How Do I Price My Milford MA home to sell

Want to know the Value of YOUR home?   

 Call Al and Cal Realty Group at 508-494-9061                           for a written Free, comprehensive Market Evaluation.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How many homes have sold in Milford MA in February 2015?

How many homes have sold in Milford MA Feb 2015

How many homes have sold in Milford MA in February 2015?    Only 8 homes closed in the month of February 2015 in the town of Milford, MA.  

Despite these figures, the frigid weather and the mountains of snow, the month of February has been active.  The market has picked up considerable with 24 of the 28 pending homes going under contract in the month of February!  

These figures show a very active single family
real estate market!  

Buyers looking to purchase a single family home in Milford MA have just 21 single family residences to choose from.   These homes range from a low of $86,500 to a high of $415,000.  

If you are thinking of selling, don't wait for the snow to melt!

Get Started Now by Calling,
Al Mussi, (Al and Cal Realty Group)    508-494-9061

Remax Executive Realty Franklin MA