Saturday, September 24, 2011

Have Pets? The Barking Dog and the Home for Sale

I need to preface this post by saying that I LOVE dogs.   All kinds, shapes and sizes....  here is my story.

A warm Sunday afternoon and we get the call.    "I need to sell my Bellingham MA home!"     Over we go with market analysis and marketing plan in hand.

The home is lovely.    A young multi bath colonial.   A classic home for the area.  Well maintained.  I know immediately we are going to get a lot of showings.   It should sell quickly.    We do our thing, establish a price.   I get out the camera and take some great photos of the home and get the marketing started.

On line it goes, into MLS and the showings begin!  That's when it starts! 

The neighbor's dog is a barker.   Now these homeowners did not know that as they were out working all day.    Their very next door neighbor tied the dog up on the deck and bark it did.    Incessantly for hours on end out there on that deck.    Well... I am not quite sure about that, but the feedback I got from every showing had to do with how obnoxious the barking was.

We are never going to sell this home with Fido over there barking to beat the band!!!

We informed the Seller of the situation and asked them to speak to their neighbor.    They did.
The barking continued, and continued.   I went over to meet some buyers and heard it for myself.  

Oh!  This will never work.    I walked next door to talk to the homeowner.    "Please", I say, "is there anyway we can bring the dog inside when you see a showing happening next door?"   I went on to explain to her that this could ultimately effect her property value if my listing ends up staying on the market longer than it should.  

The homeowner didn't realize that the poor pooch on the porch was barking all day, having a negative impact on our showings!

She promised to bring Fido in when the home was being shown.    In fact, she wasn't going to leave him out there all day anymore!

With Fido happily inside, the offer came in.

Here are My Pet Tips for Selling your Home.
  • If you have pets, establish a showing plan that includes them.
  • When at all possible remove pets from home for showings.
  • Asking an Agent to keep Houdini the Cat in, can detract and distract from the showing, find a way to corral him.
  • Make sure the showing agent knows there are pets in the home and what to expect.
  • If possible, crate your pet to keep him safe.   A "friendly" pet might not remain friendly when there are strangers in their home and you aren't!  Buyers young children are either looking to pet your "baby" or they are petrified.   Either one is not good for a showing.
  • Keep litterboxes clean and odor free.
  • Make sure the back yard free of debris, if you know what I mean!
  • Let your neighbor's know that you are selling.   
Selling you home is stressful for everyone in your household.   That includes your Pets too.   You know what is going on, but they don't!    Make it easier for them and you will have a higher degree of success in getting your home sold quickly!      

Looking to Buy or Sell at Home?    I have 24 years of experience helping folks with their Real Estate matters!  
Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 Bedroom Condo for less than Renting Franklin MA

599 Old West Central St D1 Franklin MA Condo for Sale

Offered at $109,900,

This garden style first floor 2 bedroom condo is a must see for anyone looking to jump into the real estate market in Franklin  MA.    With interest rates at an all time low, someone can get into this home for less money monthly than they would be paying for rent in a comparable style and size home!    That includes paying the real estate taxes. 
Ledgewood Condos Franklin MA
This ground floor condo consists of 885 square feet and has sliders that walk out to a patio that overlooks the wooded courtyard.       There are laundry facilities, plenty of parking and an association pool too.

The condo fee is $276 per month and includes heat and hot water, sewer, insurance, maintenance, landscaping, snow and refuse removal so it is really quite economical!

599 Old West Central St D1 Franklin MA is conveniently located and is literally just minutes to good shopping, Boston commuter rail and highways.  

This is an amazing opportunity for a first time buyer or someone looking to downsize, an investor, or a "snow bird" looking for a summer nest to hang their hat. 

Would you like more information on this condo or would you like to set up a personal showing?  
Please contact me  
Carol-Ann Palmieri      508-494-9061
QR code for 599 Old West Central Franklin MA

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inspiration in Small Packages A Story!

This post is about my sister Teresa and her young daughter Siobhan

I come from a medium size family.   Mom, Dad, 2 brothers and 2 sisters.    We are all very different from each other, but all very close and supportive of what ever we decide to do. 

We all have our "thing", but when Teresa told me that she was going to tackle a triathlon with her daughter, I was nothing but amazed.    Like really?   Who would even think to do such a thing.

I watched or really heard of her training all summer, on her own, without a trainer.   No one pushing her but herself!   Can you imagine how hard it is to do 44 laps in an outdoor, unheated pool each morning, regardless of weather (in New England) before work!  Bike rides up and down on a beast of a bike no less.   And then there is the dreaded running.   (I should mention, Palmieri's don't run.)  
They worked hard.   I was in awe.    I do complain that I don't have enough time to do what I want, but really, when I look at the determination here, I have to be embarrassed for myself for even thinking that.   

This past Sunday the event took place.    Hopkinton State Park.   8 am.    I will say it did warm up, but I had a sweatshirt on for the beginning of the event.   The thought of getting into the frigid water, never mind a long swim was daunting at best.

Sister Nancy and I found a cheering spot for the swim part of the race.  In true Palmieri form, you could hear us cheering for the swimmers as they exited the water and ran up the path, tearing off their hats etc to get a jump on the cycling part of the race.    We know that Teresa and Siobhan are in pink hats in the water.    We start cheering for them.. yelling their names as the pink swim caps are passing in front of us out in the water.    Swimmers Hopkinton State Park Triathlon
What happens next is we hear them yelling back to us!     Can this be true??   Swimming and cheering from the water??     I guess all those frigid laps in the morning has paid off!  
We can't wait to see them on the path to the bikes.    Here they come, looking like a day at the beach! 

On to the cycles they went.     Up and over the hill and back to the starting point.     As they passed by me, I wanted to cry.

They moved on to the grueling finish.
Finish Line Hopkinton State Park Triathlon
And finish they did.  Side by side, Mother and Daughter. 

An inspiration to me, these two small packages of women hood.   

Through my sister and niece, I am reminded of what it takes to accomplish a seemingly impossible goal.   

Determination.   Practice.   Teamwork.