Monday, December 30, 2013

My 2013 Real Estate Transactions Read Like a Police Log

My 2013 Real Estate Transactions Read Like a Police Log

2013 was a pretty great year for this Realtor.  I met a lot of fantastic people and feel blessed for all that I have.

As December winds to a close, and we turn our thoughts towards the new year, it is also a good time for reflection.  

Looking back on my past year in real estate, I have to chuckle at some of the things that happened, because as I do, I think, I could be reading (or writing) a police log.  

The year started off cold.  I don't mean as far as sales go, but in temperature.  Bitter cold.   My first deal of the year began with a bang!  Popping actually.   If you have never heard pipes bursting that's a good thing.   Unfortunately, I learned just what that sounds like.   It is followed by the sound similar to what one hears at Niagara Falls.   Gushing water on the final walk thru, just an hour before the scheduled closing is not music to anyone's ears.     Needless to say, the closing was postponed.
  • We had a man with a gun.    ( Thank goodness he didn't fire it at anyone. )
  • A car drove into a home that I had an offer on.   ( The occupant was not hurt, but as you would imagine, the buyer decided against this house.)
  • An altercation between neighbors.   ( Amicably resolved. )
  • I got bit by a dog,   ( Lost my favorite pair of black pants. )
  • Had an encounter with a plant that causes brief paralysis.   ( It was a large plant stuck to my entire right arm as I was locking up an uninhabited home.  I never knew such a thing existed but found out quickly enough!  Urtica Dioica )
  • Had a listing that had a hole in the roof  ( From a tree in a storm. )
  • Someone thought the crisper drawer from the refrigerator was taken during a showing.  ( Misplaced by the homeowner, found moments later. )
  • The Police showed up at an inspection.    ( Called by neighbors, prompted by activity at a house.   I would say a safe neighorhood to buy in!  )

Something always happening.    Lots and Lots of good things too.   I've had opportunity to meet and add a lot of very nice people to my life.

And,  a surprising end to an amazing year.    A closing attorney gave the buyer's a check.    He called it a "late fee".  Go figure!   (He was a few minutes late to the closing.)
One never knows what next year is going to bring.   
Hopefully it will bring me as much spice and good fortune 
as this one has.   

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