Monday, August 3, 2015

Fighting Fourth Final Muster starting today 3 Aug 2015

Fighting Fourth Final Muster starting today 3 Aug 2015

I am heading out to the airport momentarily; very excited to be escorting my favorite Marine to the final muster of the 4th Marine Division..   Not that he needs escorting mind you, but rather because I am excited to be amongst these true American heroes for their final get together.  

Yes, within a few hours, he will have me on a force march  while we attend the many ceremonies that are planned.   (I have my sneakers packed hoping to keep up!)

The favorite Marine as many of you know is my Dad, Armando B. Palmieri.    Proud member of the heroic Fighting Fourth.

The last time I was around a few of these men was during the commemoration of the battle of Iwo Jima.   It touched my soul.  Forever to be remembered.      I expect no different this time, only maybe as it is the last muster  a higher degree of sadness as it will be the last "formal" time for them to greet and meet each other. 

My Dad sent me this poem written by one of his buddies in Co.B, Engineers, 4th MarDiv.  "The Bugler", Dad calls him.   Dick Nichols.    I hope you can read it in this snapshot. 

Rest in Peace Dick, Leo, Doc, and the SO many more that I can not list.    You remain in our  in our thoughts and hearts forever as we appreciate and honor your heroism and sacrifice.