Monday, January 28, 2013

It is not always What You Know BUT Who You Know To Call

It is Not Always What You Know BUT Who You Know To Call

All great Realtors have (haha, I was going to say briefcase, but that is so passe), a smart phone full of professionals that they can call on when need be.

I have come to realize how much my life is made easier by the professionals that I know and rely on, and I do believe my clients expect me to have that pocket full of reliable resources as well.    In fact they count on it.    There isn't a week that goes by that someone will ask me "who I would use" for something or other.
Palmieri Mechanical Services, Heating and AC, Wrentham MA

As most folks know, in the past week we have seen some of the more frigid temps than we have seen in years.     As I was about to perform a final walk through with a buyer client, I realized that the inside of the house was colder than it was outside!     After just a step in the door, I saw water on the kitchen counter.    Not good.   The water was running in the kitchen faucet and also in the kitchens on the 2 upper floors.  ( a three family home)   We clearly had a plumbing leak from the water running on the second floor.   But was that all?

The oil tank was empty and the seller said that it was just out of heat for a couple of hours.   Being as cold as it was the antenna was raised. The oil guys were out straight so he was going to throw some diesel in the tanks just to get it going.  The buyer was concerned about using diesel vs home heating oil. 

A call to my go to heating guy was answered right away.     I asked him a few questions.    "Get that heat on right away.   You are going to have issues."     With that being said, we got the furnaces running and after 15 or 20 minutes pop, and then a gushing sound.   Something similar to Niagara Falls.   

The other agent also swung into action and called some of her go to folks.    With the weather being so cold, all these guys were out straight but came through for us.     With our contacts we were able to resolve what could have been a pretty terrible situation for all.    The problems were rectified and we were off to a delayed closing, but a closing just the same. 

The moral of the story is that sometimes,
It is not what you know, but who you know to call.    

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why You Should Have A Mass Save Energy Audit

Why You Should Have A Mass Save Energy Audit

mass save energy audit
It started when I went on a listing appointment.   The Seller who was renovating an old house told me that he had Mass Save come out and do an energy audit of the home.    It was free, but better than that, they paid for the majority of his insulation work, and if that was not enough, he received rebates on all kinds of energy saving things! 

The Skeptical side of me, thought that, yea, there is always a catch, but after hearing the heat whirl all week with the cold temps and wearing an Eskimo suit just to watch T.V., I thought, what the hey, and gave them a call.    Mass Save Web Site. 

My first hand experience.   I called the number listed above and let them know that I was interested in having an energy audit.    They asked a couple of questions like, were we customers of NStar or National Grid.    I furnished them with the little information they asked for and they set up an appointment for us the next week.  The appointment they told me would take 2-3 hours.    I couldn't imagine why, but whatever.

The Appointment.   The guy shows up.  On time, mind you.    He met  Al at the garage and started there.    He checked the foundation and doors for air leakage (that's my term), and the furnace for efficiency.    Did the same with doors and windows, checked for insulation in the attic and walls.   Yes, he had a cool infra red kind of thing to see into the walls.    He was very thorough and professional. 

The Verdict.  We did okay.   This house was built in the 80's.    We could use some more insulation in the attic and squeeze the breeze coming through the garage.    Our light bulbs are not up to the current energy standard, and neither are our shower heads.   He gave us info and answered my questions on air conditioning and also told us how a simple improvement could save us $20 a month.   All in all, I would say very through and informative.

But it didn't stop there, and don't you.  
Keep Reading.  This is the Best Part!

We found out, just like the builder that prompted this audit said.. they will pay to have the insulation upgrade!   In our case, close to $2500!    For free, for real.    Also, if we purchase certain items, we get a rebate.     He changed all the light bulbs in the house to the more efficient kind and the shower heads too.    You can also get interest free loans if you qualify! 

The Down Side.     I don't see one.    In Al's opinion, the house is lit up like a Christmas tree!   

Call these people.     You can't lose!    

Carol-Ann Palmieri
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Friday, January 18, 2013

6 Tips to Minimize Stress when Buying A Home

6 Tips to Minimize Stress when Buying A Home

stress, homebuying, headache
Eliminate a Headache, Keep Emotions in Check
Most of the stress that comes with buying a home can be reduced just by understanding the process, anticipating the paperwork, doing your homework and hiring the right professionals, and of course just rolling with a small bump if you encounter one along the way.

1.   Anticipate the paperwork required by a lender.   Recognize that the lender will ask you for all kinds of seemingly ridiculous paperwork.     But, if you think about it, wouldn't it be foolish for them to lend on someone's say so?   Of course it would, so you might as well get used to it... if you ask a bank for money, that bank will know what size jeans you wear before you are finished with them!    But, if you chose the right lender, an experienced one that will be honest and diligent, and you anticipate that they will need seemingly endless information,  you will not get agitated.

2.   The physical home search will be emotionally taxing.   Realize that searching for homes in earnest is not as easy as it looks on "HGTV's House Hunters".   After a day of house hunting, my buyers will be leaving me exhausted.   Not because I make them walk from home to home either, but because touring properties is mentally tiring.   It is a big purchase after all and you are trying to figure out if it is the right place for your family.    

3.  Rely on the professional advice and your footwork.    Everyone will have an opinion on what you should do.   Remember that your friends and family have not toured all the homes that you have.    They might only have one frame of reference.   Rely on the pros and your own footwork.  Make a compelling offer based on facts.  Utilize your Realtors experience in evaluating those facts.  Develop a strategy based on those facts.   Do not think that you should automatically offer a certain percentage off the list price. 

4.  Keep Your Emotions In Check.  If the other side gets emotional, keep your cool.   It is very easy to get caught up with knee jerk reactions.  Once you do, it becomes harder to make smart decisions.   I know this is an emotional purchase, but try as hard as you can to not get caught up in them.   Keep your goal in mind.

5.   Use Professionals from start to finish.   Have a Realtor, a Mortgage person, a home inspector and a real estate lawyer in your corner.   I know this may be a controversial point of view, but rely on the experts that you have hired throughout the whole process. and turn a deaf ear to well meaning friends and relatives.

6.   Remember the old cliche.   If it seems to good to be true it probably is.   Trust your instincts.


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