Monday, July 9, 2012

Where to Kayak MetroWest Boston part 2

Where to Kayak MetroWest Boston part 2

Looking for places to kayak in MetroWest?    This is part 2 of a hopefully never ending series, so check back often!

This day we decided again to check out one of our favorite paddling spots and got so caught up in it that we travelled a bit farther than usual.

The Charles River is approximately 80 miles long.   It meanders through towns along metro west beginning in Hopkinton and emptying out in Boston.    There are many places along the Charles to explore.

If you are at the bridge on West Street / Dover Road you can see a parking spot on the upstream side of the river.  You can put in here and the parking is free.   

Kayaking bud and sister Nancy Carroll and I decided to take a trip through the marshy area along Medfield and Millis.   Normally there is a lot to see along this route.  There isn't too much shade, so we got out early.   The river is low now, but even still there isn't much worry about bumping into things along this section.
We headed upstream.  Even though the water was still, it was anything but quiet as there were so many birds and bull frogs singing and chirping away.   We enjoyed listening to them.    We paddled along up under the route 109 bridge in Medfield and on up to and past the Stop River and the Fin Fur and Feather gun club.    There are less than a hand full of homes on this route so it is rich in natural sights and sounds.   

Muskrat, turtles, birds, heron and fish and bull frog were abundant.     Because the river was so low we were able to get past an area that normally flows so fast we can not get up it.    It took us all the way up to Forest St in Millis.     On this leg of the trip we spotted an owl in flight.   A definite treat, and on our return we found him perched high in a tree.

Once you get in the water at the West St/Dover Road site it is a great paddle for any skill level.     Getting in isn't the easiest, only because it is a little mucky,  but I wouldn't let that deter me from going here.    That's what showers are for!

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View Medfield/Millis Access to Charles River in a larger map

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group



  1. Nice way to enjoy the summer and nature.

  2. Such a great stretch of the river - so many things to see. Love the wildlife and peacefulness of the area. (Love the video!)

  3. So beautiful and so close by. It reminded me of a canoe ride on Black Bear River during environmental education week at Camp Calumet in Osippee, New Hampshire. You did an extraordinary job with this. I'm sold. If I were buying a home, the value added by the proximity to this treasure would seal the deal.

  4. Hi Vinny. Right in our back yard and best of all, free!

  5. Thanks Nancy. It was a great time and looking forward to the next adventure!

  6. Thank you Tom. I might have to get up there and try the Black Bear River too. It always amazes me how every day teaches us something new out there. The cost, a few hours relaxing. How can one beat that? :) Thanks for reading!

  7. A beautiful winding river indeed! I had a wonderful time with you and Nancy at the helm as tour guides. This is a very nice blog, Carol-Ann! I love our beloved Charles!