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Where to Kayak in Metrowest Boston part 3

Where to Kayak in Metrowest Boston part 3

This is the third post in a series on where you might want to kayak in the Boston Metrowest area.    I hope there will be many more in the series, so check back often!

Anyone that knows me knows of my (and my kayaking buds) fascination with the Charles River, and so it shouldn't surprise anyone that part 3 of this series is

This spot provides for a very easy launch as there is a little gravel area to set down and easily push out of.    Getting out of the water is just as easy and if you are adgile, you don't even have to get your feet wet!   Not a lot of parking, but it is free.  Perfect if you are just getting started!

As you look at the photos you may think to yourself that they appear to be in different places.  Not so!   These are only shots of the river from Bridge St Dover to slightly beyond the Route 27 Bridge on the Medfield/Sherborn line.    Truly amazing!

On this day we decide to travel upstream towards Rocky Narrows maintained by the Trustees of the Reservation.   It is for the most part uninterrupted nature with less than a hand full of homes situated well away from the banks at the beginning of the paddle.

Today's paddle proved to be all about wings.  We saw but a sparse number of turtles and other water creatures but there was an abundance of birds and of course our very favorite the Heron.   I don't think I have seen so many of these guys on one paddle ever.    We even  saw two at a time.  I don't know if they were protecting or fighting with each other.  A magnificent sight none the less.

Dragon flies appearing to be blue and orange brown hanging out on the boats, accompaning us throughout the entire paddle.

We even bumped into a man along the bank looking for his downed plane.   Remote control of course!  

This stretch of the river is lined with wild grapes and beautiful river flowers.    We pass "King Philips Overlook" which is always a thrill to me.   Just thinking that Indian Sachem Metacom (or King Philip) was once feasting on this same beauty more than 300 years ago amazes and excites me!

Beyond that we pass an old train bridge that casts a beautiful shadow in the water as the sun plays with the structure making it seem all kinds of blues, purples and oranges.    We continue on and past the Route 27 Bridge that is on the Medfield/Sherborn line until time tells us we must turn around.

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you are looking to find a place to paddle in metrowest Boston, this is not to be missed.

The Charles River is magnificent.    Try the Bridge St Dover launch site.   
You will not be disappointed! 
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  1. This is one of my absolute favorite paddles. It doesn't matter how many times I've traveled this part of the river - it never gets old! It's always a new adventure - so much to see!

    Thanks for sharing!