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Leave Your Shoes At The Door - A Lesson Learned

Leave Your Shoes At The Door - A Lesson Learned

A response to one of my posts  Tips for living with your home on the Market reminded me of a listing that I competed for and LOST and the incredibly valuable lesson I learned.   Not only a good lesson for Realtors but for others finding themselves at the homes of others for whatever the reason.

A normal course of action for me, is to follow up after a listing presentation to find out if I am the person for the job, or if for some reason, I am not chosen, why. 

This particular listing presentation happened about 20 years ago and the lesson learned was so simple but also valuable that I thought I would share it
It has since become a habit no matter whose home I enter including my own!

This listing appointment was in Franklin, MA and I wanted very much to be the one to market this home.  I knew that my experience and marketing surpassed the competition, and also knew there was a lot of folks coming in.    I did my best presentation, had facts and figures at my fingertips.   My marketing materials and personal statistics were great  and I felt very comfortable and happy with it.   When I get called in for a listing, I expect that I will end up with it.   :)    But, on the off chance I do not, I try and find out why.  

In this particular instance the homeowner told me they were going with another Realtor.
Naturally not just out of curiosity but also to make improvements in any way I can, I asked why. 

The homeowner told me that the person they hired took her shoes off when she entered her home.  She was sold on this person by that act! 

Wow.  I lost a listing for that reason.

From that day to this, I always leave my shoes at the door!   

                                  Lesson Learned.


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  1. Honestly, I would feel strange taking my shoes off at a stranger's door (unless they had white carpets). Funny, I DO take my shoes off at others' homes, but not my own! Interesting post!