Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Random Act of Kindness at the Supermarket!

A Random Act of Kindness at the Supermarket!
Yes, day 28 of the 30 day blogging challenge has crept up on us, and I was hitting the proverbial blogging wall.    And then it hit me.   A random act of kindness, in of all places, the supermarket!

Remax Executive Realty established in 2009 a charitable foundation.    It's mission is to help families in need in our market area in what ever way we can.    The foundation has supported folks that were/are ill, to victims of fire, to local heroes who have encountered a physical hardship while fighting in the war, to helping build homes with Habitat for Humanity and more.  donation to food pantries, remax executive realty charitable foundation

This holiday season, the Remax Executive Charitable Foundation allotted a substantial amount of money to be donated to various food pantries in the communities that we serve.     I was asked to help one of these out and do some shopping for them.     I made contact, found out what they needed and headed off to the supermarket to pick up their items. 

This particular pantry needed a vast number of the same types of items.    As you can imagine it fills up a cart rather quickly.    Two even.    I dutifully counted out the items and filled my carts.   I had my handy dandy cell phone that doubles as a calculator with me.   It all seemed to work out perfectly.   Too perfectly.       Exactly the number of items for this pantry matched up exactly (within pennies) of my donation amount.

As I got my carriages to the register, the poor Bagger's eyes went wide.    I emptied the items on to the conveyor.   The cashier couldn't have been nicer as I asked her to make sure I didn't exceed the specified amount of money.    As she gets to the end of the order, yes, you guessed it by now, I have not counted correctly.    I am over budget and I have no other cash with me.

No worries, I think.  It's not a big deal,  I will just take some of them off.    In a thoughtful, quiet and simple act the lady in line behind me reaches into her wallet and slides the cashier the shortfall.   "I like to support the food pantries too," she says.

I guess now it's my turn to pay it forward.   

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group



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  1. Literally, tears in my eyes. I love when something nice happens unexpectedly! Thanks for sharing.