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If My Dad Says Maybe It Means No - Reading between the Lines

If My Dad Says Maybe It Means No -  Reading between the Lines

There are some things that just make you laugh. 

It happens to all of us in all aspects of life.   We ask a question.   We hear the answer, the words that are spoken that is, but we don't pay attention to the meaning.    In the back of our minds we are hearing the meaning behind the words, but we are either are too intent on hearing what we want to hear, or are too polite to put our thoughts to the words!

winking boy
Looking at homes is hard work.   Many don't think so until they spend an afternoon or morning looking at properties.    Decisions made don't come easy, and the trade offs that one must make, regardless of price point will have an effect on their lifestyle.   See the post, Trade offs in a Real Estate Purchase.

To make the house hunting session most effective, we start with a real estate pre-flight.   A talk of what we are going to see, where and why we are choosing to view these particular properties.    Then comes the actual viewing.   

Next comes the debrief.  In my opinion, this step is crutial to a good working relationship with your buyers agent.    No one wants to waste precious time looking at properties that will not suit them.    It is also important to be able to reassess and evaluate the priorities after viewing.  Believe me, many times priorities do change.     I have often had a buyer that wanted an acre or more of land, only to do a 360 after looking at how much land an acre actually looks like.     Yes, the debrief is important.
So, this day, after viewing several homes and ruling out all but one, I ask the buyers if they are interested enough to make an offer or if they would like to see this home again.

The Dad, says, "well, maybe".     Okay I am thinking.   This couple is tired.   They want to go home, put their feet up, have a glass of wine and discuss.  

Well, that's what I was thinking.     Their 5 year old son was thinking something else.    He looks right at me and says, "if my Dad says maybe, then it really means no!"    Lesson learned from the 5 year old.

Yes, there are some things that just make you laugh. 

Back to the drawing board!


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