Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring Massachusetts Style 2015

Spring Massachusetts Style 2015

How I know Spring is in the Massachusetts Air

Reminds me of a song.   Oh no, that is Love is in the air.   Well, I LOVE spring!    And spring for sure is in the air for the winter weary Massachusetts native.    

Yes, It's he'ah for sure.     Last weekend at a balmy 60 degrees, as I was showing homes (yes, in short sleeves) when I observed the very first signs.

No, it wasn't the buds on the trees or the crocus trying their hardest to poke through the ground, it was yes, I saw it with my own eyes, a couple of girls "laying out".  Their first attempt after a long winter of hibernation at getting "color"!   I have to say  regardless of the long winter, it  took me by complete surprise!  

We know spring is in full bloom when you see the human male parading around in shorts when it's less than 60 degrees, but laying out?   ( Is the term "laying out" used in other parts of the country I wonder?  For those of you that do not recognize that term, it means getting in the yard, putting down the beach towel and facing the sun usually with a bathing suit on to get "color")  

I remember years ago mentioning to my Mom that the trees were budding.    Her response.   "When you  start noticing that, it is a sign of growing old."    Thanks Mom.    As usual, Mom is right.   Bet those gals who were lying out didn't notice the buds this year!

My neighbor who winters in FL has asked me how her daffodils were doing.   At first I thought they weren't up yet but a closer look proved me wrong.   They are up and blooming.   But, I must say that they look a bit sad and pensive as they enter the spring air without the dramatic fan fare that  typically introduces spring.     Kind of like us people here in MA.    Do we dare believe that we are done with this winter?  

Regardless of the girls on the lawn and men in shorts,  the news media is not crying snow but rather highlighting the tick season.  Hallelujah! 

I pensively poke my head out to look at the yard.   April 17th.  Do you know, we still have a snow bank in the yard?   Well, actually it's not in the yard anymore.  Al shoveled it off, wanting to get the sand and salt off "his" grass.  A new twist to spring clean up for sure! 

Like the daffodils, we forge ahead and like the gals on the grass, I think we might be a bit aggressive at getting the lawn furniture out on the deck and placing tchotches strategically throughout the yard.

My wind chimes are out, likely already begun to annoy the neighbors.   
 But what they are really saying is HELLO spring!  

Bring on the black flies and the poison ivy!      

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Carol Ann Palmieri

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  1. Love this - especially the vision of Al shoveling snow off his grass! I know more than one guy obsessed with their lawn that would do that! So excited that Spring really is here!