Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How Do I Price My Bellingham MA Home To Sell?

How Do I Price My Bellingham MA Home To Sell?

Are you thinking of selling your Bellingham MA home OR, are you simply curious as to what the value is in today's real estate market?

People naturally wonder what their home is worth  how is that value established.

What's my home worth?

A reliable way to find out, is by having a Real Estate Professional, experienced in the local area, determine a range of value for your property by executing a CMA.   (Comparative Market Analysis.)  You might hear it called a Free Market Analysis or an MA (market analysis) or BPO (Brokers Price Opinion).   

Regardless of the term used, an experienced professional will use their market knowledge and research homes that are similar to yours; comparing those that have sold recently, are currently under contract or are pending sale.    They will make adjustments for the differences to establish a range of value.   This is far more accurate than an on line evaluation because it takes into consideration condition and amenities as well as location.   

Al and Cal Realty Group, 

offer a no obligation, written and comprehensive market analysis of your Bellingham MA home. 

They have over 50 years of combined experience in the local market.  

Whether you are ready to sell or are just curious as to what your home is worth in the current market, give them a call!   


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