Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Line Between Friendship and Business Part 2

friends working together

The Line Between Friendship and Business Part 2

(in a never ending series)

My Friend, relative, etc, is a Realtor Should I Hire Her?

It's a good question and one that comes up frequently.    I should preface this by saying that many of my friends and relatives are clients of mine.  They are highly, highly valued.    Sometimes the line between friendship and business from my point of view is not easy.   Why?   When dealing with a friend or relative I am overprotective.   Now that is not a bad thing for them, but for me it causes many nights of interrupted sleep.    What can go wrong during a real estate transaction?   The list is too long to write and I have spent many a night tossing and turning over the what if's that can come up.   Regardless, for me, there is nothing more rewarding than helping to find a friend their home or to help them with the home sale process.   

So, back to the question?     Should I hire her or him?

The answer is simple.   Of course you should if they meet the following qualifications!   
Is she/he qualified do the job?   Is he/she a full time Realtor?    Is she/he experienced with proven results?  Will she be responsive and available to you?    Do you believe they that she/he will represent you in the highest degree?  Trustworthy and honest?    Does she/he have an outstanding reputation in their field?   Marketing plans or home search plans that will fit your needs?    Can she negotiate effectively on your behalf?    Are you comfortable with her/him?    Does she provide a service guarantee?    You get the drift.

I guess the question might be more like why shouldn't you?    I have heard the argument (p.s. from my mother) that you shouldn't do business with friends.   I think that is crazy and say why not??    Who would have your best interest at heart more than your friend or relative?    Who would want to see you succeed more than a friend? 

One might say that if something goes wrong your friendship might be forever damaged.    I think that by not using a friend in business whenever possible might produce the same effect.
Buying or Selling Real Estate is a high charged emotional purchase no matter the reason for your move.

Yes, it is business.   Of the most important kind.


The line between friendship and business part 1

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group



  1. I can see both sides to this issue....when I was buying a home of course we went through you! But, I will say we made you earn your commission. I think we looked at about 60 houses before we settled on "our" house. At the time, I didn't realize what a pain in the neck I was being. Looking back I can see that I was not an optimal customer. However, I knew you understood why I had to look at those 60 homes and not once did you ever show me that you were impatient or upset. You made me feel great.

    Now, on the other hand, I wanted to hire a friend's husband to do some work for me. We spoke several times but he has never really gotten back to me with a price. I am a tad bit annoyed as I would love to give him the business but feel he is making it hard for us to do so.

    I think you need to decide what makes you feel the most comfortable. Can you talk to the person face to face with your questions or concerns? Do you feel like they are taking you seriously? If the answers are yes: then go ahead and hire family or friends. If the answer is no...then hire someone else.

    Love this series...

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