Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Fathers Advice to New Homeowners

A Fathers Advice to New Homeowners 

Dad's are always dispensing advice.     I have heard a lot of it over the years, not just from my own Dad, but from the Dad's of my Buyers, especially the first time ones.       Here are some of the Real Estate related thoughts that I have remembered hearing from Dad's. 

1.   About Making Changes.   I have heard many a Dad say, "Live in the house for a year before you go making any changes to it.   Good advice I feel as living in the home day to day will might change your mind about those walls you want to move.

2.  Regarding Buyers Remorse.    Most Buyers get the jitters at some point during a transaction.   One of my clients fears were put to ease when their Dad said, "Don't worry about it.   If you really don't like it you can sell it."     Keeping that thought can keep those jitters away until the buyers remorse passes.

3.  About Non Decision Makers.    My Dads advice to my brother who was purchasing a more than handy man special.   "I don't think I would show your Mother the house until after you buy it."   Wise advice as she would have freaked out by the looks of that mess prior to his renovation.  

4.  Regarding location.     I do forget what Dad said this, or maybe I wouldn't want to reveal who, but this one wise guy told his children to move close enough to visit, but not close enough that family would be just dropping by!

5.  Regarding repairs.       "If you are buying a home, you should own a hammer."    This guy was spot on!  There are always things to do around a home.   Don't think you are going to move into even a new home and have to do nothing.    There will always be something to fix or stay on top of.    

6.  Where to put things.     Keep a flashlight by the electrical box.   Good advice that I have heeded myself. When the breaker needs to be reset, it is nice to see what you are doing. 

Those are just a few of the tidbits of fatherly advice that I have heard given to my Buyers.   There have been tons more.   I hope when reading this, you will remember with a smile a piece of advice that was given to you!

Happy Father's Day to all those Dads out there.     We appreciate and thank you for your expert advice!

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group



  1. I think these Dads are all spot on with their advice. It seems as though many people who buy homes often ask their folks to come along to take a look at a prospective house. I'm sure there's lots of advice being doled out on such a day.

    Thought I would throw in my advice (even though I'm just a mom!):
    1. Look past the color of the walls and the decor - see the possibilities as a gem can be hiding just waiting for the right person to 'see'.
    2. Listen to your Realtor! Chances are they have seen or heard it all and will be happy to advise you.

    Great Post on Father's Day!

  2. Thanks Nancy. I like your advice too!