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Is It Better To Include the Extras When Selling Your Home or Use Them To Negotiate?

Is It Better To Include the Extras When Selling Your Home or Use Them To Negotiate?

Before your home goes on the market your agent will ask you if there is any that is permanently attached to your home (ex. fixtures) or land (ex.plants) that you will want to exclude from the sale and take with you.  And for good reason.   Getting this out of the way up front leaves nothing to interpretation when you are well into the transaction or at the closing table.  

At first glance this question can seem a bit silly.   Do you want this light fixture or those speakers?   Generally, it is a simple decision one way or another and if you are going to take Aunt Sue's wedding present that lights up the dining room table, I would ask you to replace it before we start the showings as not to get into a tug of war over it.    This is the easy stuff.

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But there are times that there might be something you just can't replace or someone might want them because they just couldn't see the home without them.

Say for example, you have a drop dead man town complete with "move-able" bar, tucked in the wall refrigerator, huge screen TVs and of course a pool table.   To top that off you have an outdoor area that is just as inviting and a play land for young and old alike.    These living spaces are so appealing because of the toys that are in them.  Much of this could be  personal property.  But in this case, maybe your home could be more sale-able and could possibly command a higher price because of perceived value if you include them.

Or say you have a landscape that is the envy of the town, but you have a sentimental attachment to some of these plants.

What do you do? 

Excluding up front and using for negotiation.   In my experience people see the property like it is presented.  In most  cases that is what they want.    Using  items that really belong with a property as negotiation is a very tricky situation.    There is not likely going to be a meeting of the minds as to value of each item.    Not only that, it is emotional enough negotiating your home with out the added stress of taking in or out "stuff".    The process becomes more demanding and emotional and generally over something fairly small.    Those Bose speakers come to mind!

Including the Extra's.   What you see is what you get.  A fabulous landscape is just that.  Or, a Buyer can see himself with his bud's on any given Sunday passing beers out from behind that beautiful bar!       Under promise and over deliver.   In my opinion that is the better way to go.

But, clearly there are times when Aunt Susie's light fixture can't be replaced prior to listing or there is a tree in the yard that represents more than just leaves.    In those cases, you exclude and you don't really want to negotiate anyway. 

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group


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