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What Does Your Email Name Say About You?

What Does Your Email Name Say About You?

Back in the day, when I first started on line with the old "chat room" style of getting used to the internet, I paid particular attention to what a person was trying to say with their email moniker.   email names, what does your email say about you

That old habit of paying attention to the name sent the red flags up today!   I received an email request for information on a rental property I have listed at 51 Hewes Street in Cumberland RI.  

It came from ......
In reality, I didn't actually pay much attention to the name until I copied and pasted it into the address line of my email.   


Holy cow!   I thought... really?    This can't be.   Some one is really pulling my leg and you know what?   I don't want to go there.    Who would want to show this person a house???

What's an agent to do?    In this case, I responded to the email in a very professional way, asking the person to call me if they are interested in the property.   I don't suspect I will get a call back.   
But what if the email moniker was more, well, freaky.   Would I respond?   Would you?

Hello folks.   I have to protect myself and the people I represent.   I need you to talk to me... not just email... and if you do, consider the story your email or name tells.   

Moral to the Story.

While it is cute and fun to have an off beat name, when responding to and expecting a response to an on line inquiry, one might want to think what  subliminal message your email name gives off.    Sure, it is always fun to be funny and cute, but if you are applying for a job or an apartment or answering a house ad, anything serious, you might want to  consider that your email address is not just your best foot forward, it's your ONLY foot forward!    

Be cutesy after the fact... but get in the door.   People do not get in the door by scaring people!

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