Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feedback I Believe Your Listing Has Fleas

Feedback I believe your listing has Fleas 

Preface:  This post fits into the category, "Another Day in the Life of a Realtor."

I have an investor couple who are looking, well naturally for an investment, but more specifically a home that they can fix up and keep as a rental type of property.    We came across a property that has been vacant for some time.   Bones are good or at least appeared to be from the outside and I made an appointment to enter.  

Appointment confirmed, I scheduled the time with the client.   In the meantime in hopes to get the 'low down" on the property, I called the listing agent and found that the property had an issue with some sort of animal trapped inside. 

Okay, no worries, I think to myself.  That can be taken care of.   Fixing up some scratched woodwork or windows or patching a hole or two is a no biggie task to my couple.  

We enter the house and are amazed at the condition it is in.

The house is tired for sure showing the wear and tear that a vacancy often produces, but, it appears to be plum, solid and no odors, etc.    As suspected, the windows are torn like a crazed animal was trying to get out and there was a have a heart trap located upstairs near an open knee wall.  Yep, surely evidence of a trapped creature.  

But, it looks to be gone.   We take a good long look at the house, and then leave going our separate ways.  

As I get back in the car it begins.    That creepy crawly feeling...  Honestly, until then, I never thought fleas!

Is it the agents duty to disclose if the house is flea ridden???     (Just kidding.)

I don't know on this and I am quite sure she didn't know, but I can tell you what, I am still scratching!

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