Monday, March 19, 2012

Thoughts on an Open House and A Post Open House Briefing

Thoughts on an Open House and A Post Open House Briefing

A personal marketing strategy for many of my listings is to hold a public open house or two.    While some may think they are not effective, and in the not to long ago past, I would have agreed, these days they have proved more effective for me and I am generally able to seduce more potential buyers to attend.    We are able to promote the open house on line and through direct mail and reach more that might have interest in coming.

In the past, agents would not send their Buyers for fear a listing agent might poach them out from under their noses, but we have grown, and that is no longer the case.     Agents feel comfortable sending their buyers along, knowing that the hosting agent will be respectful and as a result these events seem to have more merit.    As a result, I believe more buyers are showing up to open houses encouraged by their agents and we all win with a higher degree of exposure.

With that said, I held a sunday open house yesterday at 51 Hewes Street in Cumberland RI. 

The price of the home is a really attractive $189,900 and I have to say myself that the presentation of this home in ads and on line is pretty fabulous!   ;) 

Post Open House Briefing

After holding the open house, securing the property and retrieving  signs, my next call is always to the sellers of the home.    They are after all, anxious to hear what has happened and who showed up.    I know in their hearts they are looking to hear the words "offer", but that usually won't come until the buyers come back for a second peek.

Yesterday, a beautiful afternoon with blue skies and a calm soft breeze, we were able to keep the windows open for the first time of the year.    That always makes a home feel more attractive as the fresh air and sounds of spring will bring any home to life!  
Eight sets of folks came through and I must say there was not a dull moment.    Of these 8 sets of folks there were at least two that have interest.   

I did get to hear and see these buyers response to my listing first hand instead of relying on other agents feedback.   I was able to relay this to the seller and we now have more information to help us move along with this property.

I placed follow up calls to these folks and or their agents. 

Although the home isn't sold yet, I feel confident that we are on the right track and am hopeful that one of these open house visitors will move to make this their new home. 

If you or anyone you know is looking to sell their home in the Franklin MA area and surrounding communities,  please give me a call!    I have been marketing and selling real estate for the past 24 years and can put my experience to work for you!      Carol Ann Palmieri

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group



  1. What a great weekend for open houses - I saw so many signs and was thinking of you! Of course, even though I am not a buyer, I do like to go to Open Houses to get ideas and to compare my home to others near me. (And, honestly, just being nosy sometimes!).

    Was just thinking - do you think your Open House attendees would ever take an online survey? A quick few questions that might provide information for you or your sellers? I know Survey Monkey allows up to 10 questions for each survey - free. Just thinking out loud. Lots of possibilities.

    By the way - the house looks great - Loved the shower in the bathroom!

  2. What a great idea that is!!! I am going to try it and see what happens. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!