Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't you see what's happening? Potter isn't selling! Potter's buying! And Why??"

Don't you see what's happening?   Potter isn't selling!    Potter's buying! And Why??"
says Jimmy Stewart as the character of  George Bailey  in the 1946   film of 'It's a Wonderful Life!"
An excellent post this morning Indecision 2011 by Patricia Kennedy made me think of this line in the movie that I enjoy several times during the Christmas holiday season.    (Is there something wrong with me knowing those lines by heart?)
Its A Wonderful Life
It's such a classic film.   There are so many back lessons to it. It amazes me that even today, in this world so advanced and filled with technology and education, that Americans are feeling the same sort of panic that Americans felt back in the 1940's!
So, why do we panic like that?    
What makes us run in the wrong direction, when we all really know that we should be "Picking up bargains!" as Mr. Potter was doing in the film?....
Clearly it's not just a matter of economics, but more of psyche...
Of course we hear reports of many many Americans who have lost their homes or are in jeopardy of losing them.     That scares us... 
We hear daily reports on jobless numbers, housing starts, oil prices and, the stock market reacts.., either negatively or positively...  On that news, we feel up or we feel down.
We hear reports that it is harder to get money to purchase property.  
Are these the reasons we sit an wait?     
Or is it simply the thought that the housing market will decline some more?   Are we trying to time the market to be sure that that won't happen to us?    Possibly.    What  has happened to finding a home to live in to raise our families or entertain our guests?    Has it all come down to investment?
I'm not sure.  
But even still, If it is investment, then why is it that when all signs point to Buy....... When it's a Buyer's market we sit paralized waiting?
And, conversely, why, when it's a Seller's market we are jumping in with no abandon?    
It just makes no sense.  

Buying or Selling in today's market?   We have all the tools AND the expertise to help you!
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