Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Compelling Reason for A New Toy!

A compelling reason to own an I Pad or Tablet!
I have a lap top, I have an I Phone and I really didn't think I needed a tablet......
For what reason??    I have all the tools I need now!     How could it possibly help?

Well, this is one story that has me chomping at the bit to run out and make a purchase! 

I Pad
For anyone that has been following my blog they have seen that I have a great antique home for sale at 27 Green St in Medfield MA

And, they would know that there was an estate sale happening there this past weekend.

As luck will usually have it, an Agent called to show the property while the company was setting the home up for the sale. I went over there to check the house out and there was furniture placed all over and tables set up so that you really couldn't walk around the house very well.

Real Estate 101...A ton rides on the presentation, right! 

So there was that back and forth discussion whether or not the Seller actually wanted to show it in the estate sale condition.
After all the back and forth, we decided to have the Agent show the home anyway as not to lose the showing.
I did call him and let him know ahead of time that the home was in the throws of setting up for an estate sale and to be prepared.  He apparently was.
He did show the property and this is what he said when I called him for feedback. ( I am paraphrasing here of course but this is pretty close to what he said)

His Buyers were looking for homes of this nature... antiques, in a great community, and something that they could put their own personal stamp on. (Can I just tell you that this home fits that bill to a Tee!)
After their walk thru of the home, the Buyers while they were outside the home, conveyed to him that they weren't really liking the traffic flow of this house!

THIS VERY SMART AGENT, says wait, as he whips out his I Pad! He says to them, you loved the photos on line... let's go back and review them right now as I think the estate sale took away from what you wanted to see! 

And so they did... right there in the yard of my listing... they took a virtural walk thru of the home again with the pictures that were posted on line....

After his presentation in the middle of the yard at 27 Green Street, I think these buyers may be coming back for a second look! 

The very smart Agent, one by the way whose path I have not crossed in my 24 years, was so incredibly helpful and full of tips that he got me thinking.

I can't live without this thing, Can I? 

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