Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How Do I Price My Milford MA Home To Sell?

 How Do I Price My Milford MA Home To Sell?

Start by calling Al and Cal Realty Group for a Free, No Obligation Market Analysis of your home.  

  • The process will begin with a visit from a member of The Al and Cal Realty Group.  They will do a simple visual inspection of  your home.  (No need to worry about cleaning your closets for them!)     They do this to note it's size, condition, and determine it's amenities including the location.  
  • Once they have this first hand information, they will take a  comprehensive look at the market, paying particular attention to what homes have recently sold, what homes are pending, and how the current market looks in relationship to your property.   
  • The team will use their years of experience to make comparisons.   With these comparisons, they will be able to establish an accurate range of value.    
  • They will furnish you with a written report so that you will be able to see what data  they used to arrive at their findings. 
  • Unlike an on line analysis, the team uses real time info, and their knowledge of the market vs strictly information found on public websites.   Their approach is far more reliable in determining value.   

How Do I Price My Milford MA home to sell

Want to know the Value of YOUR home?   

 Call Al and Cal Realty Group at 508-494-9061                           for a written Free, comprehensive Market Evaluation.

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