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Home Buying Boot Camp part 1

Home Buying Boot Camp     part 1

Home Buying Boot Camp part 1.    Boot Camp.   Makes buying a house sound like work doesn't it?   It's not really, but just like anything else, getting in shape and being prepared reduces stress and makes you a solid, confident buyer!

You've been thinking of buying a home.   Why not?  It's a great time with interest rates low, inventory to choose from and favorable programs out there.
Carol Ann Palmieri Realtor

I remember getting off that bus at Parris Island so many long years ago thinking, 
"What the Hell did I just do?"   
 I also remember buying a home, thinking the exact same thing!   

 You don't have to feel that way!     Over the past 26 years, I've found that following these very simple and precise steps will help you become that lean, mean, buying machine!  

Get off the Bus!   One of the hardest things for me and I think for many, is just making that decision to jump into the marketLook at what's happening at the moment.    Interest rates are very low.   It is probably less expensive to buy than to rent.   
Get Pre-Qualified.   Before you even start looking at homes on the internet or in person, speak to a bonafide lender.   Finding out what your buying power is will not only make you a more powerful buyer, it will give your search a focus in terms of, not only type of housing, but location too.     Once you know where you might want to look and at what you want to look at, it's time to get down to business.    
(Remember, If you are a veteran, look into using that GI home loan benefit.)
Hire A Buyers Agent!   In most cases, this will not cost you a dime.    In fact, it should save you money!   Remember the listing agent, or the one who's name is on the sign out front, works for the seller.   It is their obligation to get that seller the highest price with the best terms possible!    Get your own agent.   One who is obligated to you and your interests!   It will start your search off on the right track and keep it going in the right direction.   How do you find an agent?   Ask for referrals from friends and family.   Google the person.   Question their experience, dedication, commitment and work style.      Conduct an interview!
Narrow Down Your Criteria.    Be realistic for your price range and your abilities.   Can you keep up with a giant yard?    Are you able to take on large projects?    Do you need those granite counter tops today?     Know what's really important and what's a nice to have.   Just as important, know what your would absolutely not compromise on. 
Begin Your Search. 

  • Have your agent set you up on their web search program.   
  • Don't automatically weed homes out by photos.  It's really important that you keep an open mind and not immediately exclude a home because of poor photos.   Photos are likely to be deceiving one way or the other.  
  • Get out and physically see some homes.  
  • Manage your expectations.   If the market or your taste dictates, be mentally prepared to change your "ideal" criteria.   
  •  Be available.  If it's a hot market, you might need to get into that new listing asap. 
stay tuned for 
Home Buying Boot Camp   part 2

  • The offer process 
  • How to arrive at offer price
  • Negotiating your offer
  • The home inspection
  • What to expect at Closing.  

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  1. Excellent advice - buying a home is a big undertaking not just because of the money. I think when people think about buying a home they are picturing their family, their dreams, their old age - their life.....then all that other "stuff" happens. I know when we bought ours you took that weight and pressure off of us! Know you'll do the same for others. Love this post and the title!!!