Saturday, May 10, 2014

Thoughts for Mothers Day 2014

Thoughts for Mothers Day 2014

I am sitting here thinking how very fortunate I am to have my Mother here.  

My Mother.  One who supports her family, extended family, and friends and loves unconditionally.    I know this because she proves time and time again, that in no uncertain terms she will back us vehemently, with conviction and strength, despite her personal feelings.

I am feeling more fortunate than ever,  because just in this past year,  7 of my friends have lost their Mothers.    Thinking of them this morning makes me feel very sad because I know how every one meant the world to their families.  They were loved and loved in return.    Those ladies were all beautiful.      Each of them touched the world in a very special, unique, and precious way.    They are missed.

My friends, you know who you are.   You are in my thoughts and prayers this day as I celebrate my Mom.    I will remember yours too with a prayer and a smile.

To my Mom, Happy Mothers Day.    

 Don't know who I would be, where I would be, or how I would be without you. 



  1. I LOVE YOU Carol Ann. You are very special to me and Mothers' Day always reminds me of how lucky I am to have you as my Daughter. I love you and I am very proud of you. Mom

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