Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Max Rises and Gives Back to the Community

Big Max Rises and Gives Back to the Community

It was a gorgeous fall day this past Saturday in New England when, in Mansfield MA, two of my favorite things (aviation and real estate) collided.  

One doesn't normally think, aviation and real estate, like they might, say peanut butter and jelly, or horse and carriage,
unless you think,   Remax and "Big Max".   
Big Max Al and Cal Remax Blog

For those that might not know, Big Max is the name of the Remax hot air balloon.    Well, at least one of the 120 hot air balloons that float through the air bearing the Remax logo.  

This Saturday, September 28th was no different.  The venue was Mansfield MA Municipal Airport.   The airport was hosting it's annual "fly in" event and the Woman of Today's "Touch a Truck" event. 

Who hasn't as a child marveled at the sight of a big truck, or the sound of an airplane in flight?    Add to that an up close encounter with a hot air balloon, and as you could imagine the excitement on the field was electric!  

Folks lined up for a ride in Big Max and made generous donations to the Remax Executive Charitable Foundation and Mansfield Women of Today.  
Pilot, Chris Mooney was entertaining and patient as he helped folks understand what to expect and how to enter and exit the basket.


After leaving the balloon, they were able to view and check out the many fixed wing airplanes that were on the field for display.     Trucks were everywhere.   You could hear horns beeping continually as for sure, each child that entered had to sound the horn.  

The sounds and sight of planes taking off and landing, dogs on the grill, and the smell of popcorn filled the air.  

Yes.  Thanks to the efforts of King Aviation, it was a great day in Mansfield.  

A great day for an introduction for kids of all ages
 into the joys of aviation.  

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