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The Art of Selling Your Home

The Art of Selling Your Home

Marketing homes today is more than just knowledge, experience, and commitment.  Don’t get me wrong it is definitely about that and more, but it is also about art.   Presentation is more important today than it was even just a few short years ago when people were not able to browse through your home while sitting at their computers in their pajamas. or sharing their “saved homes”  with friends over a glass or two of wine.  
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Today approximately 98% of buyers will start their home search on any one in a sea of endless internet sites.  Your home must appear on all of them.   But how it appears is the key! .   

So, why art, you say?   Pretty simple.    If your home doesn’t capture a prospective purchaser’s fleeting attention on their first pass, your chances of winning that buyers heart will be lost and gone forever with your listing being  delegated to the never to see folder.

I like to think of my listings as a work of art. 
  • Staged to Perfection, or the best they can be given the fact that one still has to live in the house.  (Maybe even with as many kids as on a baseball team, numerous pets, and a husband.)     
  • Filmed with a Buyers eye,  removing all the distractions that come with day to day living.   You know, no one needs to see the actual inside of a toilet bowl!       
  • Edited without changing the nature of the home, because deception will kill a sale as fast as a bad presentation.   We want to find that fine line between being showcased in  a "Better Homes" magazine and real life home.   
With an artist’s eye, you'll get a great presentation.   An artist will never, if they can help it, take a photo of your home straight on.    They will probably shoot the photos from eye level or lower, with perspective.    If at all possible you will not see a trash can or something unnecessary in the shot and they will want the light streaming in as much as possible creating an ambiance of warmth.    You will probably not notice these subtle but effective approaches, but you will appreciate them.  And, Buyers will too!       

Proper presentation while not over promising is art.   

I am a home sale artist.   
 Call me when looking to sell your home!   

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