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Medfield Police Log Advises A Realtor Impersonation

Medfield Police Log Advises A Realtor Impersonation

Yesterday's daily Patch reports that a woman walked into the local police house to report that she had been duped by someone, a lady, claiming to be a Realtor.   Apparently this women got into her home and walked off with a chest.

My first thought is that it sounds just crazy.    But is it?
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I often get calls from folks I don't know who invite me into their homes to do a market analysis or a consult.   In fact my business depends on it!

 In 25 years, I have never been asked to show an ID.    In lieu of that, I always hand my new prospective client a business card.    Unlike most Realtors,  I no longer bother to have a photo on my business card and rather use our logo in place of that.

It drives me crazy when I see cards that don't remotely resemble the person that holds them.      I mean really with my every changing hair style,  the natural aging process and, yup, I hate to say it, weight fluctuation, one might not recognize the person on the card to be me anyway!    So that being said, I guess the homeowner is taking a leap of faith that it is in fact me.    

So, why wouldn't some crafty thief gain entry into someones home posing as a Realtor just to pick them off?     Realtors are typically welcomed into "strangers" homes.    It does sound a bit crazy doesn't it?

After all, imagine someone gaining entry into a home pretending to be a Realtor.    That homeowner would have an easy time giving the PoPo  a description of the perp.   I mean I can't imagine anyone letting a "Realtor" with a ski mask covering their face into their home!     I am guessing that one wouldn't be able to hide the "get a way" car either.   In our neck of the woods, a real estate professional will pull right up to the home.    Anyone on foot would probably set up a red flag or two.  

Seems to me it gaining access to a home to rip someone off in this way is a bit risky with promise of little gain.   

Of course I joke a bit, but you should always protect yourself.   

If you are worried or concerned, ask for an ID.     We are happy to show you one!!    :)   Just promise not to look to close at that date of birth!   

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