Wednesday, February 8, 2012

PassCode That Phone My Friend! Lesson Learned from I Phone Lost!

PassCode That Phone My Friend!   Lesson Learned from I Phone Lost!

Lesson Learned from I Phone Lost   ... and then found. 

BUT, this is a blog about the lesson from it being lost.     In a very crowded place last week, I set my phone down on a counter and walked away.  Not intentionally, but never the less.    About 40 minutes later, I went to check it and that's when panic set in.   I know most of you have felt it.   Phone gone.   The search  begins through your pockets.. and through your pockets again, and then again!

The realization sets it.   You Idiot!!!!    You left it on the counter.    There is no way it will still be there when you get back, but you go on the hunt anyway.     It seems like hours, literally hours to walk the 10 minutes back to the place where you were.   The entire time, your head is spinning!     You look sheepishly around, and not seeing it, you start asking around... not so sheepishly, I might add.   passcode phone

Did they hear the panic in your voice????    I'm sure they did!     Some older man, cigar in mouth, says nothing, but moves his arm, and there it is ... my phone!    Remember the old commercial... "how do you spell relief?"

I am not sure what to do at that point.  Do I kiss the cigar smoking man??   or, do I just offer my gratitude like 100 times.  

Okay, you guess.   I'm pretty lucky that this man a) just held on to the phone knowing I would come back, and b)  probably had no clue how to access my info... or did he???  

The reason for this blog.

From the time I realized that the phone was missing, what started going through my mind was all the texts and private emails never mind the contacts that whoever found my phone had access to.   

All kinds of business information in emails that was meant just for me.   OMG!  All those personal messages that friends send to each other about life.. that you know, that should just stay between friends!

That 10 minute walk from hell was enough to make me realize that I was a fool not to passcode that thing.   Sure, it would cost me some money to replace a lost phone, but that is the easy part! Those confidential or not so confidential messages, contacts and phone numbers will be impossible or hell to replace.. That right there is the real problem!

My phone today is passcoded.   

FYI, I can answer it without punching in the code.
Yea, I have to put the code in to access anything else, but who cares????  

Not me... the info is protected.

Carol-Ann Palmieri
Al and Cal Realty Group



  1. Wow - I have never entertained the thought to passcode my phone - until now. How right you are that someone could easily access personal information.

    The other lesson that I am now reminded of is this. Whatever you text, email or otherwise send electronically should carefully be considered as it is out there in cyberspace. I think, we need to be cognizant of the types of things we write.

    Thanks for sharing your scary moment which can all learn from.

    1. Hi Nancy. Lost a few moments off my life thinking about other peoples info that might be out there because of me. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing!