Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Medway MA Santa Parade and Fireworks display November 26 2011

Medway MA Santa Parade and Fireworks display November 26 2011

My sisters both live in Medway.   Part of the Thanksgiving weekend festivities always include a short walk down to Main St. to stand with others in welcoming in the Christmas season by watching the Medway MA Santa parade in the crisp cold late November air.
For the past 18  years, Medway MA has kicked of the Christmas holiday season with a parade ending with a fireworks display.   This year is no different making it the 19th annual Holiday parade!

At 5 pm. on Saturday, November 26th, the parade will start at the Middle School on Holliston St.   It will end right down on Main St at Choate Park.   The fun doesn't stop there!    The festivities end with a terrific fireworks display which never disappoints.   For some reason at this time of year, the display seems to be brighter and more exciting.    Carolers

So, Saturday night folks, grab the kids, your jackets and scarfs, a cup of hot cocoa.   Bring the kids in a wagon or hoist them upon your shoulders and head down for the 19th annual Holiday parade in Medway MA.  

Last year we walked down to Main St and found our place on the curb waiting for the parade to pass us by and just like magic, snow started falling from the sky.   Not much.   Just flakes like in a snow globe.   Kids were squealing with delight!   What a way to kick off the season.   

So this year, there may not be snow flakes flying (i'm okay with that), but it is sure to be some fun.

So come on down to main street, and...

If you hear a bunch of folks singing Christmas Carols, ringing bells and shaking tambourines, dressed in an elfish looking attire,   It will be the Palmieri clan having some fun.   Just jump in!   I guarantee you will soon find a bell in your hand and a song in your heart!

  • NOVEMBER 26TH   5 PM
Carol-Ann Palmieri
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  1. Growing up we always went to the Santa parade on the Saturday morning after Thanksgiving. When we moved to Medway we were thrilled to find that our little town had it's own parade. Floats, decorated DPW and Fire Trucks, and Santa are just some of what you'll see while standing along the street. And as if it couldn't get any better there are pictures with Santa and the ever-popular tree lighting. It's a nice tradition that I look forward to each year!

    Glad you highlighted it!

  2. Thanks Nancy! See you there! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. My dad wants to know if there will be food?

  4. Participating for the second time will be Bill Hoffman from the Medway Library driving his 1924 Model T Ford. Passengers will be his wife Judy Moffatt, President of Friends of Medway Dog Park, their dog Lula-belle and two of their friends.

    "Can't wait! What great weather this year!"

  5. This was the BEST parade ever! I did see Bill Hoffman in his Model T Ford; the Medway Cheerleaders TVL Champs; The Doggie from the Dog Wash; several fire trucks and someone singing Christmas Carols from a float! The fireworks were perfect too. Just a fun night had by all! (Perhaps next year they will divert the 'eastbound traffic - after all, safety is free!).

  6. To members of the parade committee,
    Just to let you know, this is the first time i attented the Medway Santa Parade. I was very disappointed. The parade traveled down one side of the road with traffic still flowing on the other. Why was the traffic not stopped completely? We had children standing close to the side of the street trying to see the parade. Very dangerous with traffic still moving. Also, why was there no marching school bands....not even Medway? It was way too short. Maybe this committee should attent Milfords santa parade for a few good tips.
    I must say the firworks were ok.
    Concerned For The Children