Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Looking for a Rental? Stand out in the Crowd!

If you are looking for a rental these days in the Franklin MA area, you know the market is tight.   There are so many prospective tenants out there that you really need to put your best foot forward. 

I recently put a house rental on the market.  In two days we had more than 15 showings, took 5 applications,  and answered many, many more calls and email inquiries on it. 

So, how can you score that home that is so appealing to you?

Here are a few tips to set your self apart from the pack.

  • Act professional!       If on the phone be pleasant and agreeable and sincere.   If contact is through an email, use proper grammar and leave out the slang!  Be positive.  A simple statement like, "I don't view the main street as a problem", could put you behind someone else.  
  • Show up at the agreed upon time!       For crying out loud, don't make the agent/owner wait!   These folks want to know you are responsible!  Be on time, if traffic holds you up, make a courtesy call!
  • Your presentation!      Do not downplay this one!    Don't show up looking like a slob or wreaking of smoke or alcohol!   For that matter, show up in a clean car without the muffler falling off!   The homeowner wants to think you will take care of their placlittle doge!   
  • Be ready to move, pronto!         I don't mean move in, What I mean is to bring your checkbook, credit report and references.  Be ready to fill out an application right away!   Many times if all looks equal, it is the first guy in to see it who becomes the winner.
  • Have a letter of introduction!        There are many times the Homeowner is just not going to meet you.   Set yourself apart by writing a letter introducing yourself and family.    Tell them who you are and why you want the property.  Your goal is to get them to know and like you.   Here is your chance to show how you have been responsible in the past and how you will lovingly maintain their property and, of course your willingness to pay on time!
  • Have a credit issue?       Be ready to explain it in the clearest manner possible.  A lot of landlords these days know there maybe a credit blip or two and are understanding of that if you have a plausible and reasonable explanation.
  • If you have a pet!    Bring a photo of the little charmer!       If he or she has been to obedience school, bring the diploma!  Offer to have the pet meet the homeowners.    Many homeowners are pet lovers too!  Put a face on "your baby".    It could be just the thing that makes the difference!
  • Do whatever it takes to set you apart from the crowd!      In a positive way of course!  

You should remember to treat this appointment like you would a job interview.    Use your common sense.   Don't delay or hesitate and you should soon have a new home!   

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  1. Great advice Carol Ann. It seems to me that I know several people who are renting and they were mentioning how many other people were vying for the same place.

    I like your last quote especially. If it means that much to you to get a place then "treat it like a job interview."

    Love your posts!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Nancy. I hope some find this useful. One really needs to set themselves apart in this tight situation. Thanks for reading!