Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Selling Real Estate Means To Me

A Dream and a Memory
I went on a listing appointment the other day. There had been another Realtor in before me. When I got back, the Seller announced that she would be listing with me!

Why, I wondered would she say that before I gave her my full presentation? She explained that I seemed to care about her and her home.

That prompted me to think about just why I have been in the business for so long.
24 years ago, I was employed by the local police department, working the night shift. My coworkers, people whos opinion I trusted and relied on (you tend to do that when someone literally has your back), talked nonstop about real estate. They convinced me that I should practice real estate during the day. I took the class, exam, and started working. Quickly it became clear that this was not a part time job! I left the PD and embarked upon my adventure as a Realtor.

So what does selling real estate mean to me?
 Sure it's the way I put bread on the table and oil in the furnace, but more than that it is about memories and dreams.

When someone is considering selling their home and invites me in, I feel honored. This after all is the place where their Son lost his first tooth, the place where their Mom and Dad came for Sunday dinners. It's the place where they argued with their Daughter over what she was wearing to graduation and much, much more.

So when I see that dated decor in their family room, I try and remember that when they choose it, they were excited to be doing that room that way. That doesn't mean we don't discuss how that position's them in the current market, but we do so with respect and thoughtfulness as we have similar memories in our own home.

When selling a home to a new Buyer, we get to be part of their dreams! At least we want it to be a dream and not a nightmare, so we treat them as if they are our own family. It can be easy to grow impatient, but when we remember that they are buying not just shelter but dreams, it so easily falls into perspective.

How cool is it that I get to say that I showed a child of 6 their "new" bedroom and then, at 30 are selling them their own 1st place! Generations. We get to help generations of families with their dreams.

What's better than that? So that's it, Memories and Dreams....
It's what keeps me coming back day after day!

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  1. I love this! You REALLY do sell memories and dreams. You SEE the bigger picture and help your customers see it also. I remember you helping us buy our home - you were so patient and helpful. You knew right away that we were the type that were buying for life - not trading staying for 5 years and trading up....

    Love your blog - keep up the good work!

  2. Do you still give your client's those awesome thank you gifts! Is that a water color of Nan's home? Its gorgeous!

  3. Hi Nancy! What a nice compliment! Thank you!

  4. Hi Annoymous! It's not a water color but photo touched up in befunky intended to take out the faces of those folks.... It is very cool, isn't it! Thanks for checking in!